Holomonster mysteries

There are a wide variety of Holomonsters with different personalities, and we know only some of them. Your mission is to find out their forces and what kind of phenomena they cause in our world? Some Holomonsters are using their powers to hide. That makes it hard to find them!

Power Dragons

Holomonsters do not want to harm the human world, but sometimes their forces are too strong and dangerous phenomena such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, droughts and hurricanes arise. Perhaps behind these great upheavals are the mystical Power Dragons who rule the great forces. Known Power Dragons are Moonragon, Flowragon, Dreamragon, Gemragon, Greragon, Thundragon and Galaxragon.

Mysterix and Solverix

There are currently two Holomonsters, even rarer than Power Dragons, Mysterix and Solverix. Not much is known about either of them.  These are the two most powerful Holomonsters we currently know exist.

Mysterix is ​​known to move alone and rule the World of Shadows, which from time to time causes problems for other worlds. The creatures of the World of Shadows are contaminated by negative energy and try to spread to other worlds as well. Other Holomonsters are trying to prevent our world from becoming polluted and the World of Shadows from spreading.

Finding Solverix is ​​also very tricky, as Solverix shows up very rarely. Solverix most often likes to be in his own peace. Due to the rarity of Solverix, we know very little about it, but legend says that even Power Dragons respect and obey Solverix’s commands.

The story of Holomonsters is just beginning and we will certainly learn more about Holomonsters that are already known and not yet discovered. Join in the adventure!