Holomonsters Game Retail Box 10 pcs (2023)

Do you want to sell Holomonsters in your store? Holomonsters game retail box includes 10 pcs Holomonsters hologram game packages. Product package language is English. For bigger orders, localization or any questions please contact us in our email [email protected].

  • Holomonsters Hologram Game is a fun and exciting collecting game where your goal is to find the hidden monsters by scanning any QR -or barcodes. You can find the rare Holomonster even in the barcode of your favorite cereal! When you find a monster, it will appear as a hologram in front of your eyes. Seek, collect and battle with your friends in cool hologram battles! Holomonsters Game Pack includes everything you need to play! The package includes a hologram pyramid, six trading cards and the Holomonsters mobile game. You´ll need a smartphone to play!

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